Instant Roofing Estimator

To get a rough cost estimate of your roofing project, enter information in the fields below, then click on “generate estimate.” 

Once you generate an estimate, a member of the CADS Home Exteriors team will conduct the site visit needed to prepare a detailed quote. During the site visit, we identify the factors unique to your building that will affect cost—things like the ability to deliver materials to exactly where they’re needed, and to install a temporary bin to collect old shingles and other debris. We honour all detailed quotes.

Disclaimer: Please note that CADS Home Exteriors specializes in asphalt roofs at the moment. Additionally, there may be errors at times with roof identification in the Instant Estimator. If you’re having issues, please contact us instead using our contact form.

To obtain an estimate for non-roofing services, please fill out the “contact us” form.