Who We Are

Dylan Stuckless and Cody Arbuckle grew up together on the former Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Uplands and remain close friends. They share a lifelong passion for construction that began in childhood, when they built countless forts and tree houses together. 

Dylan inherited his passion for construction from his father, who worked as a roofer prior to joining the Canadian Forces and continued to complete roofing jobs on a part-time basis during his military career. From the time he was six years old, Dylan often helped his father on roofing jobs—initially by collecting discarded shingles and eventually on more challenging tasks. In high school, several teachers recognized Dylan’s passion and hired him on weekend projects involving everything from drywall and framing to painting. Since then, Dylan has amassed considerable experience in a range of construction trades and continually strives to upgrade his skills and knowledge. He recently completed the Ontario Masonry Training Centre (OMTC) program.

Cody also began a full-time career in construction right out of high school. As someone who enjoys strenuous outdoor work and thinking on his feet, he thrives on roofing and siding projects. His passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to provide for his young family inspired Cody to expand his skill set. Cody has since acquired the knowledge and expertise needed to build custom decks, fences and more.

Cody and Dylan’s shared expertise and passion for beautifying home exteriors inspired them to join forces and establish CADS Home Exteriors. To honour their support for local businesses and communities, CADS Home Exteriors sources materials from Ottawa-based manufacturers and sponsors local sports teams.